Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teaching Historical Globalization

A question came in today from a social studies teacher in Alberta, Canada who was interested in using the game to teach a unit on Historical Globalization.

Below, are some quick notes about Global Challenge and how it can be used in such a class:


Global Challenge is a game format which fits most any social studies class.

  1. For this particular class, you would simply have students write up questions according to your class objectives. 
  2. As students play, they will basically get a sense of how globalization works, i.e. the interdependence and interconnectedness of nations.
  3. Per your instructions, they can set up trade relations, negotiations, currency exchange, etc.
  4. Students will also see the economic disparity between nations, as per capita income of a nation is a key component of the game. 
  5. Certainly, you can interrupt game play at any time to insert a related unit plan or to engage students in a discussion about the relation of the game to actual current events.

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