Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How do you play Global Challenge?

  1. Students are randomly distributed approximately 190 cards - representing the countries of the world.
  1. They are given the choice to either protect the countries they have, acquire new countries or work for peace.
  1. In order to pursue their goals (of peace, new territory or maintaining their land) they have to correctly answer questions from the text book (details of how this is done are in the rule book).
  1. Students write out 20 game questions each week - in seven categories (see rule book for details).
  1. All class assignments, quizzes and tests convert to Global Challenge Dollars -- and are then used for purchases (armies, weapons, etc.)
  1. At the end of play (usually 20 rounds) winners are determined in several categories.
  1. Students have the option to pursue peace by answering questions correctly and declaring half (roughly 95 countries) safe from attack.
  1. Teachers and students are free to modify the game to suit the purposes of the class.

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