Monday, July 11, 2011

Game Based Learning for Social Studies Teachers / Workshop Information

 A quick search on Google or Twitter of the terms “Gamify” and "Game-based learning" will show you that this topic is getting a lot of attention right now.  Schools and organizations are turning their attention to the power of games and projects and how they motivate people to learn and perform. In the business world, many companies have turned to game or point-based systems in order to motivate employees and customers.  Before terms like “gamification,” presenter Lee Chazen began by taking a simple game – then adding layer upon layer of content and ideas in order to teach his world history classes. Continuing in this manner, year after year, he eventually put his entire curriculum into a game format and called it Global Challenge. The game grew in popularity over the years, was featured on local news, eventually became a community access TV game show and is now sold online to teachers across the country.  This workshop will show you the importance of games and projects, why they work so well and how you can set up Global Challenge (or a game like it) in your classes. 

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